About Us

For more than 65 years serving the vending and office coffee service industry, Automatic Merchandiser/VendingMarketWatch.com serves the business management, marketing, technology and product information needs of its readers including vending operators, coffee service operators, product brokers, and product and equipment distributors. VendingMarketWatch.com delivers business-building content in print, online, via email and social media. Stay up to date by subscribing or manage your subscription here. 

How to Submit a Product

Automatic Merchandiser and VendingMarketWatch.com are focused on sharing the latest products, equipment and technology with vending, micro market and office coffee service operators. Suppliers and manufacturers can submit their product to [email protected] with a 100-word product description and a high-resolution product photo. It should also include company name, address, website, contact phone number and a brief company description. The company must own the rights to submitted photos.

With the product submission, include the category: Salted Snack, Healthy, Protein or Meat Snack, Cold Beverage, Equipment, Cookie and Pastry, Candy, Food, Technology, OCS Products, OCS Equipment and Systems or Micro Markets.

Accepted product submissions will be included in the Product Guide section of our website and may also be used in a print issue of Automatic Merchandiser. 

How to Submit a Contributed Article

Automatic Merchandiser and VendingMarketWatch.com welcome article submissions from industry subject-matter experts. Articles must be bylined, original, unpublished and non-promotional. The article must be focused on solutions specific to vending, micro market or office coffee service operators; it can be an operator success story or case study you’d like to share with our readers. The article should not be self-promotional; it should remain brand-neutral.

All writers will need to sign a writer’s agreement to be published. The agreement will be furnished when the piece is sent to the editor. 

See the editorial calendar in our media kit for topics that we will cover throughout the year.

We will consider articles that are not listed on the calendar if they’re relevant to our audience.

Submitted articles must meet the following guidelines:

Articles submitted for publication should be exclusive to Automatic Merchandiser. Articles previously published (in print or online) will not be considered for publication. Contributed articles published in Automatic Merchandiser or on VendingMarketWatch.com should not be republished in another publication (in print or online).

All articles submitted for publication should be original and non-promotional. Do not reference specific products and brands or other promotional material.

Length: Approximately 900 to 1,200 words.

Author(s): Please include author name, title, company name, brief biography, photo and contact info including phone number and email address.

Photos: You or your company must own the rights to submitted photos or gain written permission to use them for publication and provide a photo credit for the photos. Photos (high-resolution/300 dpi) should be emailed as attachments (preferably in JPG, TIFF or EPS format). Photos embedded in text documents cannot be used.

Sharing: Upon publication of the article on VendingMarketWatch.com, Automatic Merchandiser will provide the contributor a link to their article for sharing on websites and social media. All references to the article online should point directly to the published article on VendingMarketWatch.com.

Editing: Submissions will be edited for AP Style and internal style guidelines. If significant edits are made by the editor, a revised Word document will be sent to the author for review before publishing.

Publication consideration is at the sole discretion of the editor.